New year, better results.

Happy new year! (the year is still new right? even if it’s February :-))

We hope 2014 has been good to you so far. At Love Rocks, we are geared up and ready for this year to be even better than last year. Remember READiness? The poetry and music show we put together to raise funds to buy books for the students we have been mentoring. Below are some of the pictures from the event.

ImageImageImage Visit our facebook page to view the rest of the photos and a short video footage of that day’s events (

Thanks to everyone who came out that night to support us, the organizers, the mc, the artists and the wonderful audience. Thanks to you guys, we were able to raise ¢802 cedis. With that money, we have been able to purchase 100 copies each of 3 books:

The gods are not to blame by Ola Rotimi, 

The marriage of Anansewaa by Efua Sutherland and

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. Making a total of 300 books.

We will be distributing these books to 3 schools, giving each school a mix up of 100 books each. 

We will be sending video and photo updates when next we make a trip to these schools. We couldn’t have made this possible without you. Thank you once again!

We still want to reach a larger number of students, If anyone is interested in donating books or money, please send an email to

Like us on facebook –

Follow us on both twitter and instagram – @Loverocksorg

Have an awesome week everyone! 




LOVE ROCKS presents:
A Poetry & music night at Sytris Bookshop/Cafe (opposite Smoothy’s), Osu.
Artistes on the bill:
Chief Moomen
Rhyme Sonny
Edith Ndabi
100% and several others.
Rate is GhC 10.00
100% of Proceeds from this event will be used to purchase literary books for the children.

Read more on this

Contact us at if you will not be at the event but have found it in your heart to help our cause.

Volunteers to mentor on Saturdays are still welcome. You will be working with some amazing volunteers and incredible, eager kids.

Thank you, we appreciate all the support!

Join Us: Be a Mentor

        Last Saturday we were at Pokuase Methodist 1 JHS to mentor the students. The JHS block is made up of 3 classrooms and a student population of 200. The students go to school in batches due to lack of space; there’s a morning batch and an afternoon batch. The teaching staff were very pleased to have us there. We completed the day’s mentoring discovering a lot of problems, getting to know the kids, and teaching them as well as learning ourselves. We really want to make a difference and we can only do that if more people volunteer their time to be mentors for just a few hours. Donate your Saturday morning(s) to us and you’ll be making a mark in someone’s life. Send an email to if you want to be a mentor.

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A Library’s In The Works

Hi Everyone,

We are thrilled to update you on the progress we’ve made with the mentoring program.

After weeks of teaching the JHS3 students we’ve found out that they are struggling, particularly in English. A lot of their problem is because of a poor foundation in the language.

As lovers of books, we cannot say enough how much reading has greatly positively influenced our lives academically and beyond. This is why we believe it is a great idea to help the students cultivate the habit of reading. The school is grateful, excited and committed to setting aside at least one hour a week in the student’s timetable for reading.


We are now actively working on creating a mini library for the kids by the start of the new school year. We have selected

• The marriage of anansewaa by Efua Sutherland

• No sweetness here and other stories- Ama Ata Aidoo

• The gods are not to blame by Ola Rotimi

• Oliver twist by Charles Dickens

We have an ambitious goal to raise the money for the books and we believe that with your support, we can!

Please email us at to donate.

Every donation counts and we appreciate your support.

New Mentoring Program!

At the core of love rocks, our aim is to empower the young and nothing is more empowering than an education. This is why we are really excited about our new mentoring program.

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Our plan was to send volunteers to junior high schools on Saturday mornings for a few hours to mentor students. And we started with students in a small town in the Eastern region, an hour and a half drive from Accra called Adukrom.

The enthusiasm and the willingness of these kids to learn has been a booster for us and we are equally enthused to be helping in our own small way.

We aim to help students learn and retain more by providing a less rigid way of teaching. Students are accustomed to memorizing lessons only to reproduce it in an exam and forget. We want to help them understand their lessons and consequently retain what they learn.

We are working with experts in the field of education. Some of these people have been taught using the approaches we are offering and others teach with these approaches currently. With the capabilities of these enthusiastic university professors and others from Ghana’s educational system, we are employing better ways of teaching and learning to impart in these young people for use through senior high school, university and the rest of their lives.

We are monitoring the success of the program and will improve it consistently to better suit and aid the students.

•          At the end of each academic term, we will talk to students and school staff to see how our program is helping improve grades.

•          We are also interested in the seeing a growth in enthusiasm of the students towards learning and furthering education.

We are hopeful that the success of the progressive, tried and true ways of teaching and learning will eventually be adopted by schools all over Ghana.

This project is dear to our hearts and we understand that it involves long term dedication and spirited effort and we are committed to doing all it takes and we are glad to have you join us.

Please contact us at to donate your time and/or other resources to support our younger siblings.

Real Valentine

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In the real spirit of Valentine’s Day, Love Rocks raised money and bought some much needed supplies for Country-side Children’s Welfare Home, an orphanage in Bawjiase, a village close to Accra. While there, Ama D., Ama A., Eben and Selasi talked to the kids about their dreams for the future. I’d like to share them with you.

I want to be doctor. I want to help heal sick people
– Beatrice, 12
In future I want to act as good as Jackie Appiah. That’s why I’ve joined the drama club
– Elizabeth, 14
Science fascinates me. I always want to know how things came about. I dream of being a doctor
– Emmanuel, 11
I want to help sick people get better. I want to be a nurse
– Grace, 12
When I grow up I want to be a very big figure in trade. I want to export Ghana’s finest goods to other countries
– Mary, 13
I studied Agriculture in senior high. I’m hoping to gain admission to the university so I pursue it. I want to take over the farm at the orphanage so that we can start producing for commercial use. Not just to the capital city but to the country as a whole.
 – Sunday Godwin, 19
I want to be a nurse
– Emmanuella
I want to go to school
– Georgina Larbi, 5 (new to orphanage, was in her school uniform when we visited and she was excited about going to school)
In future I want to be a bank manager, so that I can manage your money for you (Ama D.)
– Mike, 8 years
I don’t know what I want to be yet, but I like science and English and I enjoy singing, but I dream of being a great person in future
– Abigail, 12
All over Ghana, there are kids just like these, with dreams and aspirations and each of them deserves a chance to make them real.

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