January Newsletter: Wishing you a happy new year and other updates!

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Happy New Year from the entire Love Rocks team. After seeing tremendous growth in our students and our curriculum, and receiving immense support from a wider community, we are excited and inspired to do bigger and better things this year. We hope you are as motivated as we are in doing great things this year.

We cannot thank you enough for your donations and support last year, in making sure that we were able to raise funds to ensure the students of Dordiak Educational Complex, receive 50 kindles.

There are thousands of charity organizations littered across the world, in as much as we believe in helping one another, at Love Rocks we believe more in helping them realize their abilities or equipping the children we work with the right skills / knowledge, so that they can be on the path to being self-sufficient. We want to help by being a big sister or big brother by mentoring them. Our primary aim is not to give them gifts or items, but to teach them the path to become successful human beings.

For this to happen, this year, we have even bigger dreams. Outlined below is our activity plan for the year.

Love Rocks Activity Plan for 2016

Activity Timeline
LoveRocks mentoring: mentors go out to any of the 3 schools we are working with, and mentor kids based on reworked English syllabus twice a month. 1st & 3rd Saturday of every month
Spelling bee: from the reading students are doing (kindles & books donated), at the end of every week there should be new words to learn. Spelling bee at the end of each month. Last Friday of every month
Amber volunteering: volunteers are assigned a group of students, they will follow up on their progress weekly by phoning in. Amber volunteers ensure students are prepared for spelling bee At least once a week. Ideally twice a week
Love Camp: hands on project with a section of students with a particular interest, after which final products will be sold or auctioned to raise money. % goes to the organization and % goes to the school for a particular project. Example, a love camp slated for March could be an arts and crafts class where we invite graphic designers from Yobbings to harness the skills of kids who show interest. At the end of the camp, the kids could create say 5 card designs, which will be advertised and sold. 50% of profit will go back to the school, with love rocks taking say 20% for future projects and the school taking 30% for a particular project. Every quarter
Fundraising events: creative ways of raising money to fund projects  


Kindle fund: raising money to fund 100 kindles for 2 schools.



What we need:


Types of Volunteers


Project coordinators: in charge of organizing and ensuring the success of projects like Love camps and any other mini projects

Pr: in charge of social media and public relations, and coming up with ways/mediums to increase membership & volunteers


Amber volunteers: The physical presence of an amber volunteer is not necessarily required. They are volunteers who will follow up on the progress of a group of students / class assigned to them via weekly phone calls.

Green volunteers: These are volunteers who will donate a few hours one Saturday of the month to mentor students in the schools we work with.

Heart volunteers: These are professionals in varied fields we will invite to spend an hour with a class, educating or talking about his or her art. Heart volunteering happens one Wednesday of every month.


How can you help?

Sign up to as a volunteer! We’re always looking for volunteers. If you would honour us with your presence as any of the above mentioned volunteers, kindly send an email to loverocs@gmail.com

Spread the word about us to your friends and family!

Send us an email to become an official part of our network!