Donation of 100 Books to Pokuase Methodist Basic 1 JHS

Yesterday morning, 4th March 2014, we were at Pokuase Methodist Basic 1 JHS to donate the 100 books we told you about in our previous post.

We did well to get there on time.
The headmaster, who was expecting us on the day, called an assembly of the students and introduced us. We spoke the students for a few minutes and presented the books to the headmaster.

We then spent 30 minutes with the students letting each student read a few lines. This gave us an idea of how to organize the students in groups of either 6 or 7.
These groupings are for the term and will help us monitor the progress the students on a smaller scale at each weekly visit.
A 45-60 minute period has been allotted into their weekly time-table to further this.

After we were done for the day they went on their usual break.

We will follow up weekly with exercises, questions they might have, and read with them.

We can still do with your help by donating books or money.

You can send a mail to

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