Last year we mentored in two schools, in two subjects, mainly – English language and Mathematics.  After assessing the kids we have decided to concentrate on a smaller number of topics in order to have more success than struggling to cover all the topics in the short time we spend with them, hence we will have more time for each subject and a better chance of teaching into detail. So we have divided the syllabus for each subject into half. We will be working on only that half throughout that year.

For consistency sake, each form will study two subjects per term. There are 4 months in each term, so two months for each subject. Eg. For the first two months, all form 1s will be mentored on Maths, all form 2s on Integrated Science and all form 3s on English language. And so on…

Mentoring guide & mentors

We will make the guide for each mentoring session available a week before each session. We encourage more people to sign up for the mentoring program. Volunteers can plan ahead and schedule the week they want to mentor in each month or one month, whichever suits you. You can let us know now if you we should put your name down for 2nd week in March or 1st week in April. Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a stranger to tell a lover. The people who volunteer, the more kids we can reach to. We encourage everyone to volunteer as early as possible or register for a date to volunteer as early as possible; no mentor is going to the class unprepared.

We’re open to suggestions / comments that will make us better. If you have any such comments, kindly mail us at

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