New year, better results.

Happy new year! (the year is still new right? even if it’s February :-))

We hope 2014 has been good to you so far. At Love Rocks, we are geared up and ready for this year to be even better than last year. Remember READiness? The poetry and music show we put together to raise funds to buy books for the students we have been mentoring. Below are some of the pictures from the event.

ImageImageImage Visit our facebook page to view the rest of the photos and a short video footage of that day’s events (

Thanks to everyone who came out that night to support us, the organizers, the mc, the artists and the wonderful audience. Thanks to you guys, we were able to raise ¢802 cedis. With that money, we have been able to purchase 100 copies each of 3 books:

The gods are not to blame by Ola Rotimi, 

The marriage of Anansewaa by Efua Sutherland and

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. Making a total of 300 books.

We will be distributing these books to 3 schools, giving each school a mix up of 100 books each. 

We will be sending video and photo updates when next we make a trip to these schools. We couldn’t have made this possible without you. Thank you once again!

We still want to reach a larger number of students, If anyone is interested in donating books or money, please send an email to

Like us on facebook –

Follow us on both twitter and instagram – @Loverocksorg

Have an awesome week everyone! 



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