A Library’s In The Works

Hi Everyone,

We are thrilled to update you on the progress we’ve made with the mentoring program.

After weeks of teaching the JHS3 students we’ve found out that they are struggling, particularly in English. A lot of their problem is because of a poor foundation in the language.

As lovers of books, we cannot say enough how much reading has greatly positively influenced our lives academically and beyond. This is why we believe it is a great idea to help the students cultivate the habit of reading. The school is grateful, excited and committed to setting aside at least one hour a week in the student’s timetable for reading.


We are now actively working on creating a mini library for the kids by the start of the new school year. We have selected

• The marriage of anansewaa by Efua Sutherland

• No sweetness here and other stories- Ama Ata Aidoo

• The gods are not to blame by Ola Rotimi

• Oliver twist by Charles Dickens

We have an ambitious goal to raise the money for the books and we believe that with your support, we can!

Please email us at loverocs@gmail.com to donate.

Every donation counts and we appreciate your support.