New Mentoring Program!

At the core of love rocks, our aim is to empower the young and nothing is more empowering than an education. This is why we are really excited about our new mentoring program.

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Our plan was to send volunteers to junior high schools on Saturday mornings for a few hours to mentor students. And we started with students in a small town in the Eastern region, an hour and a half drive from Accra called Adukrom.

The enthusiasm and the willingness of these kids to learn has been a booster for us and we are equally enthused to be helping in our own small way.

We aim to help students learn and retain more by providing a less rigid way of teaching. Students are accustomed to memorizing lessons only to reproduce it in an exam and forget. We want to help them understand their lessons and consequently retain what they learn.

We are working with experts in the field of education. Some of these people have been taught using the approaches we are offering and others teach with these approaches currently. With the capabilities of these enthusiastic university professors and others from Ghana’s educational system, we are employing better ways of teaching and learning to impart in these young people for use through senior high school, university and the rest of their lives.

We are monitoring the success of the program and will improve it consistently to better suit and aid the students.

•          At the end of each academic term, we will talk to students and school staff to see how our program is helping improve grades.

•          We are also interested in the seeing a growth in enthusiasm of the students towards learning and furthering education.

We are hopeful that the success of the progressive, tried and true ways of teaching and learning will eventually be adopted by schools all over Ghana.

This project is dear to our hearts and we understand that it involves long term dedication and spirited effort and we are committed to doing all it takes and we are glad to have you join us.

Please contact us at to donate your time and/or other resources to support our younger siblings.